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Are you struggling to drain excess water from your basement? Your sump pump may be underperforming due to damage, age, or debris in your home’s plumbing system. It may be time to invest in the repair of your sump pump by a trusted technician.

At Santos Bros Plumbing in Paso Robles, California, we will fix your sump pumps after a power failure, motor malfunction, or other flooding disasters. Our plumbers have the experience necessary to inspect your system for signs of damage and develop a restoration plan that suits your needs. See how you can prevent water damage at home with our sump pump solutions.

Benefits of Hiring Our Team

No matter what type of basement you have, we take the time to inspect and restore sump pumps to perform well. Our top-rated maintenance company ensures that you get the most out of these services with:

  •  Emergency service
  •  Quality replacement materials
  •  Drain tile and pump inspections
  •  Friendly recommendations for new pump products
  •  Tips to reduce the risk of basement flooding

Contact our representatives to schedule these services and more.

Sump Pump Problems That Require Professional Repairs

After flooding, it can be challenging to determine the source of your sump pump failure. Fortunately, our crew has all the tools we need to identify leaks, plugged drainage pipes, and other damage affecting your installation. Here are a few of the most common sump pump problems:

Age-Related Deterioration

Many sump pumps fail after years of use. Depending on where you live, frequent flooding can overwork your system and cause significant damage. At Santos Bros Plumbing, our contractors can install a new sump pump with fewer upkeep demands.

Water Damage, Rust, and Corrosion

Corrosion can eat away at components in a sump pump, making it less effective. Our crew can replace old and damaged pieces of your sump pump with high-grade materials.

Loud Noises Coming From the System

Call our team if your sump pump makes unusual noises like thumping, grinding, or rattling. We will check to see if your motor is working properly. We will also examine and clear your discharge pipe of obstructions that prevent the sump pump from draining water from your basement floor.

Your Sump Pump Keeps Turning Off

Power issues are one of the most common problems that affect sump pumps. Does your pump turn off suddenly when you need it? Does it cost you a fortune in monthly utilities because it runs all day? 

Our routine sump pump maintenance services offer a practical way to ensure that your basement appliance is cost-efficient.

Water Is Not Draining

Coming home to a flooded basement is a situation you don’t want to experience. If your pump does not remove water properly, this disaster could occur at any time of the year. Our plumbers will check your pipes for faulty connections or leaks that create overflow problems.

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How Much Should You Expect To Spend on a New Sump Pump?

Replacing a standard sump pump usually costs a few hundred dollars. Expenses typically include labor, materials, and transportation. Still, at Santos Bros Plumbing, we don’t believe in hidden fees when calculating sump pump repair cost.

Enjoy fair pricing and great deals on top-tier products when enlisting our team at Santos Bros Plumbing.

Who Should Install a New Sump Pump?

A professional plumber has the proper qualifications to install a sump pump correctly. Never attempt a DIY installation or repair. Our sump pump specialists will do the heavy lifting for you.

Will a Sump Pump Replacement or Restoration Damage Your Property?

We will respect your property and avoid collateral damage when installing sump pumps or repairing components. Our team brings experience, professionalism, and dedication. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction during every sump pump restoration. 


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