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Plumbing is one of your home’s most important systems. From the kitchen sink to the washer, from the toilet to the tub, ensuring the safe and effective removal of waste from the home keeps your family healthy. When homeowners in Paso Robles and the surrounding North County areas need sewer line repair, our team at Santos Bros Plumbing understands the nature of the emergency and will quickly repair any plumbing issues.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems in Paso Robles and the surrounding North County areas

What happened to my sewer lines?” is one of the most common questions homeowners ask in the wake of plumbing issues. The answer changes depending on each homeowner’s situation, including details like the age of their home and how frequently they service their plumbing. Sewer line damage can occur for various reasons, including the following:

Invading Roots

Trees growing too close to sewer lines can send their roots right through a pipe, interrupting the flow of wastewater and causing backups. Other plants can sometimes wriggle into a cracked pipe and take root, creating a slow but sure blockage.

Damaged Pipes

From clay to iron, older homes often have sewer lines that fall apart over time. Especially in older plumbing systems, a broken pipe often has extreme corrosion or cracks due to the unstable materials used to build them. Our modern plumbers at Santos Bros Plumbing use high-quality PVC to prevent these issues.

Shifting Grounds

Over time, yards can shift from heavy rains, natural movements in the ground, or similar reasons, moving pipes and dislocating or breaking them. This problem can also result from construction in your yard, during which heavy machinery may crush the ground above your pipes or break through the soil and damage them.

Constant Blockages or Clogs

In most cases of a pipe bursting, our team discovers that the homeowner experienced frequent clogs or blockages in the past. We might recommend a full sewer line replacement in these situations to prevent recurring problems. We will only do this in the absence of all other viable options.

Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe in Paso Robles and the surrounding North County areas

Knowing the reasons behind a broken sewer line can help you recognize the potential signs of a future problem, but how can a homeowner tell whether they need sewer pipe repairs right now? If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact our plumbing specialists at Santos Bros Plumbing to schedule an inspection.

Foul Odors

Your sinks, drains, and toilets have mechanisms to keep sewer smells from invading your home. A broken sewer pipe can force backed-up water through those mechanisms, releasing noxious and odorous gasses into your home. In addition to smelling bad, these gases could put your family at risk of illness.

Strange Sounds

Sewer pipes should operate fairly quietly, and once they’ve run wastewater out of your home, they shouldn’t make sounds at all. If you hear gurgling sounds in your pipes, the noise might indicate air bubbling up through a broken sewer line.

A Moist, Squishy Yard

Broken sewer pipes release wastewater into your yard, and much of that water makes its way to the surface. You may notice parts of your yard have a squishy feeling when you walk across them. Another telltale sign consists of bright green grass that grows at a different rate than other grass in your yard.

Slow, Easily Clogged Drains

If you have one sink draining slowly, you may only need to clean that one drain line. However, if you notice slow draining in bathtubs and sinks throughout your home, you might have a broken sewer line making it difficult for wastewater to escape. Likewise, damaged or broken sewer pipes can cause one or more drains to clog continuously.

Reliable, Professional Sewer Line Repair With Santos Bros Plumbing in Paso Robles and the surrounding North County areas

Homeowners in Paso Robles and the surrounding North County areas deserve well-functioning plumbing systems that keep their homes safe and sound from wastewater. Broken sewer pipes hinder normal plumbing functions like flushing and draining, making it difficult to maintain a clean home.

At Santos Bros Plumbing, we believe in providing five-star customer service in addition to quick and effective sewer line repair. If you live in Paso Robles and the surrounding North County areas and need dependable sewer line repair for your home, call Santos Bros Plumbing at (805) 835-2264 for quick service.

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